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Is your organisation doing amazing things to improve the lives of a local community with charitable events, showcases or events that include the wider community.

If so, we would love to share your story.


Get in touch with your story.


Include the following,


Your name and contact details

Brief details of your story or event including a website or facebook if you have one, so we can see if you qualify and so others can follow you.

Explain how your club or organisation is improving the community (not just your students).


If accepted, send us your full story in detail. 


Things to think about:


  • What makes your project or event truly remarkable?

  • Is it a charitable event? We will not consider events where you are being paid to deliver a project.

  • How did the project start?

  • What are the project objectives?

  • Why is this project important?

  • What difference has your organisation made to a community?

  • Do you have photographs and / or a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo?



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