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World Pole Dance Sport Fitness

World Pole Championships


A pole sport, fitness event that has crowned 11 World Champions with female, male and doubles world champions making the title ‘World Pole Dance Champion’ the most prestigious in the industry.


World pole champions all genres of pole fitness, dance and art to share and educate with performance demonstrating pole sport fitness. The World Championships embrace the performers individual styles, attracting interest from media and other countries keen to follow our lead.


Bringing together over 26 Countries from 5 Continents in a showcase event featuring the World’s best pole performers and athletes, demonstrate sheer physical strength, skill and stamina and individually choreographed routines.


Inspiration and education of pole fitness through these events is the key to bringing pole sport into everyday fitness for millions of new people every year across the World.


The world pole championships embrace the promotion of equality and respect for human rights in both the male and female gender. We focus on the principles of equality and will not tolerate or entertain discrimination on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.


Further, competitors are encouraged to present their performance in any way they see fit whilst abiding by the rules and regulations of the event.  


Vision and Mission

Our mission is to raise standards of safety through accredited teacher training programmes, national and international events to promote safe practice and teaching of all genres of pole including fitness, competitive and dance.


Our Achievements

Having successfully organised 20+ national and international events around the World, we offer help, advice and leadership to new upcoming events and athletes as well as nationally and internationally recognised pole instructor accreditation programs creating professional pole teacher trainers who through local classes and lessons make this sport available to millions every day..



Pole Passion

Since starting World Pole Dance in 2005, Pole Passion is now a global company in terms of our products and services and we are passionate about training new pole fitness instructors and helping new and experienced students move up to a new level of confidence and knowledge. Our network of Instructors around the World offer Accredited Instructor Training through partnerships extending to Mainland Europe, Northern Europe, South Africa, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.
Pole Passion, leaders in Pole Fitness since 2003, own and operate World Pole Sport & Fitness as well as Miss Pole Dance UK and Mr Pole Fitness UK which run at amateur,semi-pro and profesional level.

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