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Head Judge- Loic Lebret - FRANCE

Maria Contreras - SPAIN
Elena Shishkova - RUSSIA

Terri Fierce - IRELAND

Violaine Richard - JAPAN

 Greta Pontarelli - USA

Officials, Adjudicators & Translators 

El Fegan - IRELAND

Kay Penney - ENGLAND

Steve Penney - ENGLAND

Fing Yuan  - CHINA
Angela Walker - ENGLAND
Sue Thompson - ENGLAND
Georgia Raffan - ENGLAND

 Sisi Zheng - ENGLAND

Bella Monnery - ENGLAND


Liam Oneil & Trena - IRELAND

Judges & Officials

FING YUAN _ China Pole Dance:

World Pole Dance Judge 2014

Co Host and Organiser of World Pole Dance 2015 CHINA
Owner of CPDC

 2011-2017,Captain of China's National Pole Team


During his childhood Fing always liked sports and during his high school he won the title of 100 meters champion.

He has always had a love of extreme sports; if pole dancing is a sport he believes that it is the only way into the theatre. 

He has studied at University to be part of the legal profession. He also enjoys Chinese calligraphy- it is a unique Chinese art, which makes him very quiet and tranquil.

Of course, studying the law has allowed him to study Pole dance as a game and he understands what is needed to be fair and ethical coach and judge, these skills of a lawyer have been very beneficial during his time as a judge.


He decided to give up his study and ambition to be a lawyer to support the China Pole Dance community and develop its professionalism. He is very passionate in dedicating his time as the industry is very new in china.


He believes that he has made the right choice because lots of support is needed in this - We are born to create and maintain beauty and he feels he can help by supporting these athletes. 

In 2006 he first saw pole dancing, He cannot describe the beauty of it easily but there is still a great misunderstanding in China,

He sees the art of pole dance as a great sport too. He works hard now to promote pole dancing.  

In 2007 he opened a pole dance school, so that he could develop pole dancing through fitness.

It is believed that now China has nearly 20 million people learning to pole dance. 

Fing is passionate about supporting the art show and is very happy to be supporting everyone again last year in Bucharest Romania and this year in Ireland.


Fing Yuan - China
Head Judge - Loic Lebret - FRANCE

Loïc Lebret begins his formation by exploring different forms of dance and discovering the movements of connection existing between two dance partners. He quickly becomes world champion of Acrobatic Rock, Ballroom Dancing and Pole Dance. Early on, through his passion for transmission and integration of knowledge, he recognizes his teaching vocation.


Over the years, he acquired maturity, experience and a deep awareness of energy and of the human being. He opened his school, and keeps dancing, performing and teaching around the world, for "France’s got talent", Florence Foresti, Centre de danse du Marais in Paris, AERA in New York ... He guided more than 5000 students during his career. Loïc intensely lives several roles, such as those of financial expert, painter, stage costume designer, theater artist, actor, model, international performer ... He travels, studies and develops his quantic view of life and dance, which led to the creation of the “Volibré” concept, in which pole dance is the heart.


The human being performing pole dance makes a rise and finds immediate expression in a "pure experience" without reflection, but fully conscious. Volibré is a path for development that restores the original connective circuits in the cerebral cortex, consequently solving the mind-body problem. Loïc vision and knowledge place Pole Dance between earth and sky. They are based on truth, on the substance rather than on the form, defying the laws of gravity and those of energy: perfection is only a consequence of our journey.


Loïc Lebret is a pioneer, a master, a championships’ judge and expert of pole dance, founder and director of Volibré training and method, as well as Director of Volibré Studio at “Centre de Danse du Marais” in Paris.​

Loic Lebret began his career by exploring many different types of dance. He enjoyed the connection between two partners and the beautiful moments they make together. Loic quickly became a world champion of acrobatic rock, ballroom dancing and pole dance.  Early on he realized through his desire for technique and knowledge he wanted to teach.  He opened his own school, and keeps dancing, performing and traveling around the world. He has also worked with "France's got talent",  Florence Fornesti centre for dance du marais in Paris and Aera in NYC. He's taught more than 5,000 students during his career. Loic has many interests in life, painter, costume design, theatre artist, actor, model and financial expert. 


His travels, studies and knowledge let him to the "Volibre" concept in which pole Dance is the heart.  At centre de dance marais in Paris. Loic Lebret is a pioneer,  a master, championship judge and expert of pole dance

Liam ONiel Compere - social media.jpg
Trena Murphy Compere - social media.jpg
Terri Fierce - IRELAND

Terri Walsh is the founder of Fierce Fitness Ireland and multiple World and National Pole Champion. She has appeared on Britain's Got Talent and The Late Late Show as well as in newspapers, on radio shows and even in university research papers promoting Pole as a fitness and sport activity.
Terri’s greatest love is teaching and her goal on opening Fierce Fitness was to provide a home for fellow lovers of dance, fitness and movement.
Fierce promotes a friendly, positive family vibe that welcomes all shapes and sizes to try Pole, Circus, Trapeze, Flex, Hot in Heels, Strength & Conditioning & more!
The 'Fierce Family' she has created has extended beyond her best friends Michael and Sarah (Fierce Dublin) to include the thousands of students she has taught in the last ten years both here in Ireland and worldwide who have loved to find themselves through dance and fitness as she did!
Founder/Head Instructor at Fierce Fitness Dance Studio, Ireland
International Pole Art Doubles Champion 2015
World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Doubles Champion 2015
World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Doubles Champion 2014
World Pole Sports Doubles Champion 2013
All Ireland Pole Dance Champion 2012 & 2013
Burlesque Ireland Festival Winner 2011 & 2013
10 years’ experience teaching Pole

ELENA Shishkova - RUSSIA 

Elena Shishkova – Russia -  Trainer Assessor Russia Pole Dance


I was invited аs a judge,

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2008

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009

Miss Pole Dance Germany 2009

The first Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2010

The Russian Exotic dance competition 2011 in Moscow

Pole Sport International 2011 in S-Petersburg

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2011

Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011

Pole Battle of the Ukraine 2012

Miss Pole Dance Romania 2016

World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

About me: Founder of Pole dance, Pole Fitness, Pole contemporary in Russia. The owner of pole dance school in Moscow. Took part in many competitions around the World.

2015-05-17 00.24.58.jpg

With a Rhythmic gymnastics background, Maria Contreras discovered pole dancing 15 years ago in Amsterdam and new immediately she found a new passion.

She founded and currently directs one of the most important studios in Spain, the original Pole Dance Factory, located in Barcelona.

She organizes several events to promote pole in Spain, the yearly Barcelona Pole Camp in august, running currently its 8th edition and the IPSF championships 2019

She has judged about 100 competitions ranging from Pole Sport competitions to Pole Art, Pole Theater, Pole emotions, Batlle of the pole, and so on and has also developed Metime, a reservation system made by pole studios for pole studios.

Greta Pontarelli - USA 

Worlds hoody logo.jpg

We are excited to be introducing legendary pole dancer Greta Pontarelli to World Pole Dance for the first time competing under the World Pole Federation 


With 8 world titles under her belt she is set to follow in the footsteps of pole stars and legends of world pole dance such as the amazing champions & her idols Felix Cane and Jenyne Butterfly 

Fear of osteoporosis got Greta Pontarelli up from her desk and onto a pole, but it was pure grit and daily affirmations that, just three years later when she was 61, won her first place in the 2014 pole sports world championship. Since then her elegant, gravity-defying routines have made her an internationally recognised pole legend, so you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to travel to Ireland to compete and judge at world class level for the World Pole Federation.


Pole sport is a relatively new sport only being recognised in 2009 in the beginning by the World Pole Federation, creating a safe and non judgemental artistic platform for individuals to perform for the public for the very first time in Jamaica



Violaine Richard was born and bred in France. As a child, she has done rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. She learned to challenge her abilities and to discipline herself, learned precision and the importance of mastering good basics. 


These years of experience also shaped her passion for stage, graceful lines and extreme flexibility. 


In 2015 she decided to dedicate herself to dancing and started pole dance. She started teaching and competing the following year. Some of her achievements include winning Miss Pole Dance Japan 2017 and winning the World Pole Championship Female too category in 2018. 


Additionally she opened her own pole studio in 2018, Spellbound Tokyo, to keep sharing with students her knowledge and passion for Pole dance.



You can also link to her Instagram page:


El has been in the pole dance sports & fitness industry since 2005 when she opened N.Irelands 1st purpose built pole studio in Belfast, she developed a  skill & love for Pole Dancing when she 1st came across it at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney in 2003, taught then by her pole idol Bobbie herself! El currently has 2 studios in Ireland, Belfast & Dundalk & has delivered workshops as far as Barcelona, Argentina & Australia.  In her earlier days she competed in Pole Divas winning the NI heats in 2006 & 2008. She later focused on judging & was one of the 1st IPSF Judges (the only recognised body for pole sports judges) in 2013, judging at the World pole Sports Championships in London.  She is a regular on the judging panel of the Pole Dance Ireland Princess competition, MMPScotland & MMPEssex.

During her pole career she feel into body building & fitness competitions competing & winning overall classes between 2011 & 2015 & also judged the sport during this time.  Her focus is now fully back on her 1st love - Pole!!

She is founder of Irelands most recognised pole competition 'The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships' which takes place in Belfast, every year in September, and also runs Pole Camp Ireland every summer.

Previous accolades
N.I Pole Divas winner 2006 & 2008
Body Fitness Achievements
Nov 2011 - NIFMA - Body Fitness over 30s class - 1st place
June 2012 - NIFMA - Overall winner in Sports round & 2nd in Bikini
March 2013 NIFMA Overall winner
Oct 2013 - WABBA Overall winner
April 2014 - Miss Athletic Nabba NI - 3rd place
April 2015 - Miss Athletic Nabba NI - 1st place

El was also a contender & screened on series 1 of Ninja warrior uk

Kay Penney - ENGLAND Founder 

Kay Penney is the Chairwoman of The World Pole Association, co-organising 2015’s World Pole Sport & Fitness competition in Beijing, China & more recently the World Championships in Bucharest.


Kay is also the owner, founder and Managing Director of Pole Passion Ltd (, and is responsible for bringing pole to men and women as a pole art form and dance for fitness.

Kay is the owner and creator of Miss Pole Dance UK est.2005 and has helped many other countries create their own National championships for example Miss Pole Dance Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, South Africa and Germany


Kay created Pole Passion Ltd in 2003 with a passion to pass on her experiences and passion for the pole, promoting the very talented and ambitious from beginner students to the World champions, like Felix Cane, double world champion. Kay adapted the early pole techniques, inspired by exotic dance in the beginning she introduced pole fitness techniques and  is constantly affirming her vision by achieving national accreditation for both her instructor training qualifications in 2007 with Skills Active, UK Government approval.


Her programmes are shared and learnt by men and women all over the world with a continual passion along with her dedicated and experienced team. Women, men and Children from all over the world now train with Pole Passion. Pole Passions Instructor Training  Accreditations are valid in all of Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & USA.


Kay is a business graduate and has the pleasure to attend seminars including speakers such as Sir Richard Branson & Alan Sugar. Kay has had a love for sport & dance all her life and has been involved and certified in Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Football, Cricket, Orienteering, Badminton, swimming & Gymnastics and is a REP’s qualified Fitness Instructor and Exercise Group Instructor.

With her experience of competitions in other fields she formulated and founded Miss Pole Dance UK Championships in 2005 & Mr Pole Fitness UK competitions, innovating opportunities around the world.


She is creator of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships from 2009 (Jamaica). She developed the synchronised doubles category in 2010 Passionate about the health and well-being of students and instructors alike she created a First Aid Pole Sport Specific course in 2010 – the first of its kind.

She is a member of Equity, Fitness Industry Association (FIA), UK Active, Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Member of Pole Fitness Association USA, International Pole Sports Federation chair of Events 2009.


She is a qualified first aider, pole specific and continues to teach weekly pole fitness lessons where she is most happiest. She specialises with pregnant ladies on and around the pole

She wrote the first Code of Pole Practice specific to professionalise pole fitness.

She has help develop the online learning system for Pole Passion and supports other licensees across the UK

She created the worlds first pole grading system to award levels to students and instructors 


She is co inventor of the Rpole  the first light weight, free standing, portable exercise poles, specific to pole fitness and dance techniques, without a platform stage and the only pole which incorporates a safety mat as standard. The RPole also is the only pole currently built to British and European safety standards.

She is actively involved in Teacher training and assessing in both Pole and Burlesque Dance techniques. Kay has appeared on National and International TV :- BBC, Sky Bravo TV and local radios and many times has been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines.


She is a presenter and public speaker for pole fitness and  supports cancer charities 4 times per year and has raised thousands of pounds for such charities to include McMillian, St Lukes Hospice, Breast Cancer Awareness, Wear it pink. She has personallly taken the RPole to the top of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK to support her chosen charities and underwater in Spain, UK and Jamaica!

Each year Kay is passionate about networking and supporting other countries just sharing each other’s culture, well-being and knowledge.
and has co created Miss Pole Dance Hungary, Miss Pole Dance Romania, Miss Pole Dance Germany, Miss Pole Dance Switzerland, Miss Pole Dance Japan,

Some of Kay's Achievements & Awards:

- Founder & Creator (2009) of World Pole Championships  
- Rules & Regulations and Judicial system,

- Move syntax coordinator, 

- Chaperone duties

- Safeguarding

- Pregnancy on and off the pole

- World Pole Associaltion creation 2009 – (

- Head Judge 2009 – 2019

- Main competition Organiser 2009 /2019

2001 Founder, owner & Managing Director Pole Passion Ltd.  (
2005 Founder, owner & Managing Director Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK ( &


She has judged and organised over 70 pole competitions and supported hundreds of competitors of all levels all over the world and is still actively supporting as many more as she can

Sisi Zheng - United Kingdom - TRANSLATOR & competitor support

Sisi Zheng Stark – United Kingdom Trainer Assessor Pole Passion


My name is Sisi Zheng Stark I have taught various styles of dance for over 9 years such as New Jazz, Street Dance, Hip Hop and currently teach Pole Dancing and Dance Mix classes in Britain. I had my own dance School in China and have experience of stage performances participating in commercial television programs.

I began studying dancing from 9 years old and started it as a hobby but it quickly grew into my passion after doing performances and taking part in competitions for well over 12 years. I started first as an assistant dance teacher of street dance and Latin American Dance at Hunan Changsha Dance Art School. I quickly moved onto a full time Street and New Jazz dance teacher at Yantai Xuefeng Dance School. From these experiences I set up my own Companies (Shangman Culture and Media Co Ltd and Shengshang Pop Dance Studio) and developed a Dance team from my students coaching them for performances, competitions and developing choreography for them.  They have now moved onto being dance teachers themselves respectively and have made me feel very proud with their success.

Despite this I felt I still need to push myself and learn other forms of dancing which led me to Pole dancing and Aerial Hoop Dance.

I now teach at Northern Pole Dance Studio in England as an instructor of Pole dancing in both beginner and advanced classes. As well as my own dance style classes call Dance Mix which integrates both the skills and techniques used in pole dancing and other dance styles.


I also work for Pole Passion Ltd in Britain as an instructor, translator and representative at World Pole Dance.


I have represented Northern Pole Dance Studio for various competitions and came first place. I have also helped the Chinese community here in Britain working and teaching dance for Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool Chinese associations.


I am  a Pole Passion Advanced International Pole Sport & Fitness  Accredited Instructor
Membership No  PPF2780414  since 2014

I hope to bring both my experiences of teaching dance in China and teaching dance in Britain together, taking the best of each has to offer and improving on both.

Angela Walker - United Kingdom - ADJUDICATOR 


Angela is a qualified advanced level pole instructor  She is also Office Manager and Events Coordinator for Pole Passion. 


Angela is instrumental in the organising and running of many Pole Passion events including student gradings, Instructor Training courses, national and international competitions and events. 

Angela has phenomenal organisation skills and a high level of attention to detail.

She is a single mum to her two children Fred and Kayleigh and more recently she has become a Grandmother to baby Mylo 

Straight talking and great working under pressure Angela always gets the job done!

Angela has adjudicated for many years for Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships.

Worlds hoody logo.jpg

Sue Thompson - United Kingdom - ADJUDICATOR & Judges support


Sue Thompson, a dedicated member of the Pole Passion team, regularly supports their competitions and events, including Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships.


Qualified as a level 3 instructor in both pole and pilates, Sue provides tuition in beginner, intermediate and advanced pole fitness techniques. 


Sue took her first pole fitness lesson with Pole Passion in March 2009 after being advised by the doctor to take up weight bearing exercise to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life. Starting with very little strength and flexibility, she quickly became hooked on the challenge and rewards of pole fitness, progressing to become an apprentice for Pole Passion in January 2010. Discovering that her hobby had become a passion, Sue qualified as an Instructor in July 2010 and started her own classes in January 2011 in Bognor Regis. As well as pole fitness, Sue trains in ariel arts (trapeze, silks and hoop) whenever possible.

Sue has since started classes in a number of venues in West Sussex. Committed to the Pole Passion ethos of bringing pole fitness to everyone, Sue has also started over 40s classes in Sussex, specifically aimed at making students over 40 years old feel comfortable and relaxed in their lesson. Sue has mentored and trained a number of her students and supported them into becoming fully qualified instructors themselves. Passionate about continued professional development, S


In 2012 Sue started supporting Pole Passion in delivering their REPs accredited Pole Dance and Fitness Instructor Training. In this capacity, Sue has the opportunity to share her wealth of experience and knowledge with new instructors and contribute to making the industry a safe and fun place for everyone. 


Sue’s self-confessed love and speciality is teaching mixed ability classes and teaching with an emphasis on individuality; working with each students strengths to help them progress in their own way and at their own speed…. Her classes in West Sussex will always hold her heart.

Bella Monnery - United Kingdom -competitor support


Bella is a qualified advanced level pole instructor, specialising in spin and static pole, stretching, exotic dance and conditioning on and off the pole.  She is Owner of  Pole Passion Worthing and POLE PASSION Shoreham. 


She has assisted for many years at Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur semi-pros, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships, Mr Pole Fitness UK most recently as stage manager and is the support instructor at Pole Camp Budapest and Northern Pole Dance Camps

Bella runs her own charity pole and aerial events which she organises annually, raising money for good causes

She is excited to be the stage manager this year for the Worlds 

Stephen Penney - United Kingdom - Health & Safety Officer 



Since starting with Pole Passion in 2003, Steve has been passionate about developing the pole industry as a sport, dance and art form. A very important member of the Pole Passion team, he is always happy to stay in the background and keep a low profile at events preferring to concentrate on organisation and health & Safety for every one's safety on and around a pole, using all the knowledge and experience he gained in the construction industry from running his own electrical business for over 20 years.


Steve is very entrepreneurial and believes you are either growing or dying! Steve has a degree in management and is a member of the Federation of Chartered Managers (FCMI). He is also trained as a life coach, is a Black belt Karate instructor with over 20 years experience and holds a black belt in 2 disciplines. Steve has a passion for fitness both mentally and physically. Steve is now also a retail trader having spent the last 5 years studying financial markets.

Inventor and creator of RPole - the worlds first free-standing portable pole RPole is to date the lightest most portable pole in the world.

Through RPole he has enabled thousands of polers to pole anywhere at any time. 

Stephen is passionate about ensuring the fair, safe and consistent application of the rules.

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