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World Pole Federation

Our Vision:


Raise standards of safety through education with accredited teacher training programmes, national and international events to promote safe practice and teaching of all genres of pole including fitness, pole art, pole competitions and pole dance.


Our Aims are to promote;


  • Accredited Teacher Training Programmes in pole fitness and pole dance through many styles being considerate of all cultures and customs.

  • Encourage Continual Professional Development through ongoing training, innovation and development  and master classes.

  • Promotion through National and International events, masterclasses and Competitions


What is the Federation?


The Federation represents like-minded instructors and students around the World who share our vision of raising the standards of teaching for the increasing the number of people entering the sport as instructors and competitors as well as students looking for every day fitness. By working together can we raise standards of pole dance as a sport and competitions through promotions and training to support both professional and students of pole dance (Fitness & Sport) within this exciting sport.


Joining the Federation would give you a representation of Pole Dance Fitness in your country.


Why Join?


In a word, ‘Opportunity’ by networking with like-minded people and companies around the world you will become your country representative and be part of a growing global network. The only one of its kind. Attracting sponsorship opportunities, sharing ideas and working together to promote ‘pole fitness, pole sport and pole dance’ in a positive way both across the World and through networking with other pole schools in your country to positively raise the standards of pole dance fitness as a sport available to all.


Who can join?


Anyone involved in pole fitness from students, instructors and pioneering pole schools. Country representatives must be operating, or considering operating their own national competition and offer Accredited Instructor Training within their Country and are willing to network both Nationally and Internationally.


Entry requirements to becoming a federation member for country representatives

•    Annual National competition or showcase
•    Accredited instructor training programme or use ours
•    Training for judges
•    High media posting with pole and fitness promotion
•    Apprentice programme for new instructors
•    Charitable causes or community involvement
•    Running weekly classes…
•    Safe equipment, define this..
•    Max number students per pole
•    Safety equipment
•    Insurance
•    Training instructors
•    First aid qualified
•    Ongoing continual learning
•    Pole Passion code of conduct

-    National competition
-    Judges and adjudicators
-    Fixed poles
-    Mens, womens, doubles, children, youth, seniors and veterans



By joining us you will become part of a much larger global community.


We are working with the following Countries to be Federation members:




















Please feel free to ask any questions


Kind regards,


The Team
World Pole Dance



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