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Yifan Meng was China's first participant in the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship in 2011, Budapest, representing China. Yifan has helped laid the foundation for pole in China to be taken to an international level, she helped launch the Chinese pole championships! Yifan initiated Chinese pole dance. She is a professional dancer and has been dancing since the age of 6. She enjoys all sports and in 2006 she began to learn pole dance. She represented China again in 2014 in World Pole Sport & Fitness in the doubles category.

SHE continues to perform for Pole Theatre and Dance shows.
She is the manager of Pole 11 Pole Dance company



Captain of China's National Pole Team

The World Pole Championship Chinese organiser

World Pole Dance Competitor 2011
World Pole Dance Competitor 2014
World Pole Championships 2015 Judge

World Pole Championships 2018 Judge


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