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Advanced Pole Instructor Course

​Advanced Course Overview

New & updated 2021

  • Advanced level Instructor Training course that builds on the fundamentals from our Beginner to Intermediate course and supports instructors to teach advanced moves safely and effectively

  • Over 50 moves explained with teaching instructions, regressions, progressions and safety tips

  • Detailed information about growing your pole business and teaching at an advanced level, including aspects such as anatomy and physiology, injury prevention and mental and psychological aspects of teaching

  • Detailed instructions for spotting at an advanced level

  • Flexible in-person options available at additional cost

Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Course covers all the fundamentals of growing an established Pole Fitness business. This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to progress to advanced level instructing. As well as the progression in practical moves, we look at how to retain students and how to deal with some of the challenges that instructors face when teaching at an advanced level.

This course builds on the fundamentals covered in the Beginner to Intermediate course, so it is a requirement that you have completed the Beginner to Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor Training course (or equivalent) before starting this course.

Over 50 moves on video, with detailed instructions, regressions, progressions and safety tips!



Objectives & Outcome

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain different ways to improve student retention

  • Explain the importance of qualifications and Continued Professional Development and how this can be achieved at an advanced level

  • Demonstrate confident and effective methods of spotting

  • Explain basic injury prevention

  • Explain health and safety considerations when teaching at an advanced level

  • Explain which muscles are used during pole fitness

  • Demonstrate how to teach a number of advanced pole moves using correct technique

Course Overview

​​The Advanced Course is split into 2 parts (theory and practical assessment). This course takes approximately 20 hours to complete plus an additional 3-4 hours of assessment time. 



  • Pole Passion Beginner to Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor qualification or equivalent

  • We recommend 2 year of experience of doing pole fitness as a student and 1 year of experience of instructing at a beginner to intermediate level

  • You must have access to an environment suitable for safely executing all moves covered to complete this training

  • Exercise to Music level 2 or equivalent (advisory) Where students do not have this pre-requisite, they will not be able to access CIMSPA Membership. 

  • Anatomy and physiology knowledge and customer service experience (advisory)

  • First aid certification



Theory assessment via online multiple-choice exam. Practical assessment by video submission and email.


Course format

  • Online theory and practical learning

  • Online theory assessment

  • Online submission of practical videos and class paperwork 


This is an online course. The majority of the course is compatible with mobile devices, however you may find some content such as tables, is difficult to view. We recommend that you view this course on a desktop device, to maximise the appearance and accessibility of the content.


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Course Description

​Theory section including online learning that covers progressing your students, exercise components, anatomy and physiology, retaining students, advanced teaching skills, body image and Health and Safety.


Practical section including online videos and explanations of over 50 advanced level static pole moves, including poses, inverts, conditioning, combinations, and dynamic moves. Each move is broken down to allow you to teach it safely and effectively. ​

Online course £299

In person add ons

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