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Chaperone Duties

Chaperone Duties and responsibilities

Over the years this important role has been somewhat under estimated. But without the valuable support of these important people many of the competitors would not be where they are today

Chaperone Registration FEE

here is a registration fee required for each chaperone

We must receive your full name and registration fee no later than 14 days before the competition 

On the day registration will require a full price ticket payment fee

This fee allows access to all areas during the competition day you are chaperoning 
Please purchase tickets for any other day you wish to watch the competitions

Fees are paid via application through email;


Who makes a good chaperone?

This obviously depend on the competitor of course as not each person requires the same support as each other.

Examples of a good chaperones would be :-
Your training partner
Your instructor
Your partner
Someone who knows you really well -
Your best friend


What are the main roles of a competitor chaperone & why have a chaperone to support each competitor?

Again these roles vary from competitor to competitor but the duties below may be considered


· To look after the competitors belongs during training and the competition itself
· Help with costumes, makeup and hair
· Support in travel to and from the venues
· Support during rehearsals and stage preparations
· Support for physical massage and sports therapy which may include stretching and injury prevention
· Mental support in maintaining peak performance
· To give valuable feedback during training and competition warm ups and presentations
· To be the professional voice between the competitor and organisers
· To look after and collect any props after the show
· To help with competitor and music registrations
· To help with pole preparation and cleaning
· To help maintain their hydration and nutrition levels


What are the down sides of being a competitor chaperone?

You will be the first one usually that a competitor may ‘stress to’ should such a situation arise. It is important that you do not take the comments literally and personally and always have a supportive, positive and encouraging manner no matter how stressful the situation may appear at that time.


Quite often your duties require you to be back stage during the completion as your competitor may wish to have you back stage with them for moral support, which may mean you either miss the show or have very limited viewing.


What are the advantages of being a chaperone?

Apart from the obvious one of supporting a dear friend and being a part of their success there is that sence of accomplishment and of course contribution.

You also get to be alongside some of the great pole champions where otherwise you may not have the opportunity.

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