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Media & Press

World Pole Dance is the perfect platform to communicate with a targeted audience of affluent women dedicated to improving their health and fitness for the longer term and will spend a good percentage of their disposable income on fitness-related products and services.


We have a wealth of experience within pole fitness and our dedicated team can offer bespoke opportunities to offer maximum impact within our web site and associated events offering you exceptional value and excellent customer service.


All press and media enquiries for World Pole Dance, please contact:-

Kay Penney or Sisi Zheng 

WhatsApp Text: 0044 775358 5054


Official Photography


Our official photographer Geoff has been traveling with us around the world for World Pole Fitness championships since 2010

Hi award-winning pictures are why he keeps coming back,  capturing history for World Pole


With his skill, art and creativity, he constantly astounds us with his images

To see Geoffs work visit his website  -



Geoff is a freelance semi-pro photographer based in Zürich with over 10 years experience of commissions / assignments covering a wide range of subjects including landscapes, sports, cultural events, weddings and corporate events.

Landscape, sport & travel photography are probably Geoff's favorite genres - but through his experience in event photography he has developed a great talent for capturing the atmosphere of almost any occasion. 

Geoff uses Nikon Pro DSLRs and lenses and has experience with remote lighting, filter systems and numerous photographic techniques. 


Originally from the UK, (West Sussex) Geoff was a keen photographer even whilst at school. Photography was somewhat neglected during higher education (Geophysics, B.Sc. at UCL & D.Phil. at Oxford). Photographic interest was re-kindled in 2000-2001 whilst living and working in Seattle and taking every opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest and several National Parks.

On returning to Europe in 2001 Geoff's interest in photography blossomed into the passion that it is today. 

Since 2010 Geoff has been the official photographer for  World Pole Sport and Fitness as well as taking photos for Miss Swiss Pole Fitness and Miss UK Pole Dance.

He has provided photos for a number of publications online and paper publications, including the website.

Enjoy the photos!


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