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Pole Passion has been supporting students and mentoring instructors since 2003. Pole Passion were the first school to own and operate national and international championships; Miss Pole Dance UK, Mr Pole Fitness UK and the World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championships and have supported and mentored some of the most influential pole dance and pole fitness performers of our time.


Start your instructing career the right way with a certification that gives you all the essential knowledge and skills to be a safe and effective instructor. Our Pole Fitness Teacher Training Instructor Courses are split into theory and practical sections, each with an assessment covering all the fundamentals of becoming a pole fitness instructor from Beginner to intermediate to Advanced, as well as covering the essential knowledge required for setting up a pole fitness business, including set-up aspects such as choosing a venue, choosing equipment and recruiting clients. In addition, the course provides you with the knowledge and skills required for running regular safe and effective lessons, including information on risk assessments, client screening, lesson planning, motivating clients, class control, choreography, licences and insurance. 

Online Pole Fitness Instructor Training Courses 

Exam & Tuition Bolt ons 

Once you have purchased and worked through your course content,  you will be able to purchase additional options if you would prefer to take your exam in person or have face to face tuition. Email the theteam to purchase one of the options below and check availability.

person training and assessments are available on a Saturday or Sunday of the last weekend of each month.

OPTION 1 - In person coaching & exam - £150.00

Consisting up to half day practical coaching on exam moves and teaching points on those moves with final course exam assessment taken in person. 


OPTION 2 - Course assessment in person (exam) only - £75.00

Consisting practical assessment in person (no teaching points covered)


OPTION 3 - 1 hour Skype tuition - £60.00

Covering practical coaching on exam moves and teaching points associated with those moves. (Not suitable for exam)

Online Grading Certification

The grading is a unique concept to pole fitness. Developed by Pole Passion Ltd in 2009 with the objective to support students and instructors in their development and first steps towards performing and competing.


We are proud to announce the Pole Passion Grading system is now  open to all students (and instructors alike), incorporating the system through our online learning portal which will enable you to gain a certification of your performance achievements in a structured manner.

Internationally recognised & endorsed pole fitness courses
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