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World leader in Gloves and grips

Improve your grip, reduce fatigue and prevent injuries with our innovative grip aids and protective gear. All are designed and tested in collaboration with professional athletes.Meticulously crafted down to the stitching with hand-selected material. A must for aerial arts,pole and sport fitness.....drumming too!.


Internationally recognised & endorsed pole fitness courses

  • PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION: Internationally recognised & endorsed qualification.

  • IMPROVE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS: Attract new students, retention of existing students with a recognised structured approach to teaching.

  • INCREASE EARNINGS: Offer new class content & structures to add variety, progressions and new ideas, putting FUN! into fitness.

  • RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE: Safe teaching supports correct student development for Health & Safety compliance.



We offer flexible training options with attend in person or online courses – book anytime and study at your own pace where our examiners and team will support you throughout your training.

Visit our website for further information.



Fing Yuan biao and the CPDC co hosted the World Pole Dance Championships in China in April 2015. 

Fing continues to work along side Pole Passion and deliver instructor training in China under the Pole Passion brand.

Domestic pole dancing started late in China, from 2007 to 2009, Chinese pole dancing fitness was in its infancy, at a time when other countries in Europe had started to compete and hold contests. There seemed to be man contests around the world. One of the most authoritative is the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships. In September 2010, it was well-known by numerous pole dancer, pole dancing by the world federation concerned. World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships formally invited China to participate in the competition. 

World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships CEO Kay Penney of course they accepted according to Traditional Chinese pole dancing as a leader on October 1, 2011, the representatives of China participated in Hungary at the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships . In November 2010, China became a full member of the World Federation of pole dancing, which meant that China had the right to host the tournament; in January 2011 China hosted the first ever China Pole Dancing Championships CPDC  and co-hosted the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships officially launching the Chinese athletics pole dance industry and this set a benchmark, which was the beginning of Chinese Competitive pole dancing.China went on to co- Host the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships again in 2015 in association with CPDC - China Pole Dancing Championships CPDC


Tips, tricks, interviews and the latest news about pole / Tippek, trükkkök, interjúk és a legfrissebb hírek a rúd világából

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Varga Eszter


Many thanks to Tite Grip for sponsoring the World Pole Championships

Tite Grip Gripping Aid​ To purchase

  • Extra Strength Drying Power

  • Long-lasting for serious perspiration

  • 2fl oz (59ml)

  • €12.60

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PointOut Polewear is a brand created and based in Athens Greece. The idea itself came into our minds after we met, tried and fell in love with pole dancing. At that time, we had two great loves pole and fashion! We immediately thought that it was a challenging project to combine those two loves and create something pole-tastic! 


From the very beginning, our goal was to create stylish and comfortable clothes suitable for pole dancing, but also suitable for yoga, pilates, aerial acrobatics and fitness. 


All point out clothing is made with love and care. Our main focus is the high quality and design of clothes along with ensuring that they provide great functionality which gives you the security and freedom you need to perform. The materials used are of high quality which stand up to the intensive practicing routines, sweating spells and frequent washing.



The entire production of the clothes is made in Greece.


Proud co-organisers and sponsors of the Poleart Greece. Poleart Greece is an POSA (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation | official competition. 





Our love for sports and dance through the years had lead us to the mesmerising world of Pole Fitness. It was love at first site and became a way of living. Living in this world daily we listened, felt and shared to the needs and wishes of people engaging not only in Pole Fitness but in the majority of most of the Aerial Sports.  What's better than having the willingness and potential to fulfil the wishes and needs we all share for a safe “flight” in the magical world of Aerial Arts! 

We constantly follow all the new trends, keeping though the fundamental values of the aerial sports community, so that we can provide our customers whatever they may need in the most efficient way and best possible price.

We collaborate with the best companies in the area of aerial arts while keep looking for new and reliable products in the best prices, in our to ensure a big variety for our customers. All our products are certified and go through quality controls before reaching your hands.


Proud co-organisers and sponsors of Poleart Greece. Poleart Greece is an POSA official competition. 





Kind regards,

Stella Arampatzi


Activewear designed for pole, fitness, aerial arts and swim!

Top quality, unique designs!


Never think it's pointless, when it's point out!

THE BEGINNINGS of a brand "Lupit Pole" go back to 2009. Since than the team of the today's company has been seriously involved in the engineering design process of many new pole products & constantly improving them. In January 2015 a new company "Lupit Pole d.o.o." has been set up in order to follow the needs of the international market development.
Lupit Pole's ADVANTAGE is the original HQ design of pole sport products with European quality. 
All products are made in Europe.
The production line is fast and adjustable to also produce custom-made studio poles for customers’ various requirements.
The LUPIT POLE d.o.o., is known by its approach of unique care for its pole dance equipment products (technology, functionality, careful choice of materials & design) which provides an innovative and quality pole dance experience.
Many professional pole athletes & pole dancers were involved in the development process so we believe Lupit Pole equipment is leading the way in pole sports technology.
Constantly improving Lupit Pole products (using the latest achievements in the mechanical engineering combined with Hi End Design and top materials) –  we create a Brand we are proud of!
is to offer a wide range of pole dance related products and services under the brand LUPIT POLE, to put forward endless options in the pole dance industry and with that enrich people’s lives with the possibility to realize their right to choose.
We strongly believe in our slogan “The next generation of pole technology”! That is why we offer more options to our customers and success in the global world. Together with the partners from our worldwide distributorship network, we strive to become the most significant player of pole dance equipment manufacturers in the world of pole dance.
The employees are the drivers of our future success and together create a dynamic and professional work environment that encourages teamwork and knowledge-sharing at local and international levels. Consistent with our business of sourcing and ensuring availability of the highest quality products with competitive pricing, we have a powerful commitment to customer service. We strive to offer the best and most useful pole dance equipment to customers by constantly developing our knowledge and levelling both, our quality and reliability. Furthermore, we put customer satisfaction at the centre of all our activities. Regular contact with key customers is what counts. We put our effort and energy into every client.
Premium service is our MAIN PRIORITY
FULL SERVICE - Quality, smart products, global reach and value for premium service are our core values. We provide outstanding service to develop partnerships that fulfils our customers’ needs.
EXTRA MILE - Is how far we go to ensure our customers get satisfaction before, during and after the sale.
REALIZE POTENTIALS - Within the company through dedication to never ending improvement. We strive to offer the best and most useful products to customers by constantly developing our knowledge and levelling major dance pole standards.
VALUE STAFF - Recognize our employees’ contribution as they are our greatest asset. They are the drivers of our future success and together create a dynamic and professional working environment that encourages teamwork and knowledge-sharing at all levels.
ENSURE SUPPLY - Our logistics enable us to fill all orders first time, on time, every time.
COMMITMENT - To build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with both, our staff and customers. We are dedicated to quality and reliability, and put customer satisfaction at the centre of all our activities. Our reputation is known for delivering only the highest quality products from the industry.
Address: Cvetkova 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

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